Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teach Your kids Ecology - Not Hyper-Environmentalism!

I know how hard it is. I get it.

You want to be "for" the planet, but you refuse to sign on board with the radical "green" movement of the fanatical left wing of our country. That's why I wrote this little mini-course on Ecology.

Not environmentalism. Ecology. It covers what ecology is and what it is not. It gives them good information about biomes and the biosphere, conservation, nutrient cycles, and sustainability...but this is not pushing the radical "green" agenda. There is no Al Gore here. No Global Warming, and no Communist Green Jobs Czar telling people that the system must be "re-made".

I don't even know what system he is talking about, but what I am talking about is science. The science of ecology. If you want your kids to start learning the truth about our environment without the hype and lies, then try my $10 mini-course.

75 pages of truth is a good start.

J. Anne


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