Monday, September 21, 2009

The Death of Factory Education?

The Shifting Paradigm of Factory Education Part I
The Process of Societal Conditioning

Mention education reform to a crowd and you get any number of responses. One might say schools are failing kids, another that the nation's youth has been dumbed down. Still more might equate education reform with standardized testing. But there is a growing group of parents (and would-be parents) who feel that the American factory education has run its course and education reform simply means a new system. A paradigm shift.

For most people the factory education is the only thing they've ever known. It used to be, back when I was little, that children were born and then they stayed home with their mothers.
Mothers used to stay home too. Some children, for various reasons, went to a pre-school. Often this was in relation to the church that the family attended. At the pre-school the children would learn to sing, and count, and recite the alphabet. They'd make macaroni necklaces and paint at the easel.


Dan said...

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