Friday, April 30, 2010

Simple Homeschool Classroom - Homeschool Expo

WOW! The Homeschool Classroom from The Simple Homeschool has really taken off. Parents are excited about the all new interactive format for homeschool curriculum and unit studies, and they LOVE the fact that every single week new unit studies are added for free. It really is an investment that keeps giving back all year long.

During the week of May 10th-14th, they are planning a super Homeschool Online Open House EXPO where both parents and students and get an entire week of classes FREE to try out and see if this new interactive format will fit their style. In addition, there will be special HUGE printable that has never been offered before, as well as a sneak peak at the new Interactive Middle School Physics - an all-inclusive, computer based, full year science course that was written especially for homeschool students to foster a love for science and give them the tools they need to succeed.
Come visit The Classroom today and register for your FREE week of online classes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Ideas Gone Bad

How the Public School System has become the Betamax of America

I can think of so many - the mullet for example. I mean business in the front - party in the back - sounds great, right? Or how about Betamax? Anyone still remember that little mistake? Back in the late 70's there were two competing systems for watching movies at home. One was VHS, which we all know about, and the other was Betamax. Betamax is still a little dark spot on the household name that is Sony, kind of like Speed 2 or say...public school.

Yeah, public school makes the list. See the thing is, even Betamax knew when it was beat and joined the revolution that was VHS. Public school however, is clinging to life in the good old days when one room schoolhouses were necessary for the survival of the country.
Today, the good idea that was the public education system has gone terribly wrong partly because it has become obsolete and partly because it is ripe with corruption. Regardless, the public school system in America makes Betamax look like the idea of the century.

And it simply can't be "fixed". This isn't a rant about the public schools or the teachers, or the parents, or the students; although all of those people are part of the problem. I'm talking about the system. When a public education in D.C. costs almost $18,000 we have a problem. A BIG problem. And if you think taht is bad, you haven't seen nothin' yet - think $17,000 a year is bad? How about $28,000? You could send your child to the BEST private day school in your area (any area) for that money!

Watch the vidoos below...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parents Defend Unschooling

By J. Anne Huss
The Simple Schooling Classroom

Well, I was wondering when the "mainstream" media would start their attack on homeschool again. I mean, it is rather predictable, what with the comparison of conservatives to domestic terrorists over the weekend by Bill Clinton. What better way to alienate these "radicals" than to point out that "10%" of homeschoolers are actually radical unschoolers.  If you haven't seen the piece, you can find it here.

First of all - I beg to differ with that number. I've probably run into a handful of unschoolers in my 8 years as a homeschool parent and curriculum provider. But whatever. The numbers don't matter because a version of this method is actually being used all over the country in "mainstream" schools - yes - it is called Montessori and no one seems to be doing any "stories" on them.

Second - they start the piece with "Imagine a WORLD without school."  A WORLD WITHOUT SCHOOL?  What they really mean is a world without their idea of school.  Let's just get that straight.

But again. Whatever. It is clear that the reporter from ABC has no idea what she's talking about - "Did you ever miss or regret not being in a NORMAL school?"

Define normal? Maybe normal means government institutions flooded with card carrying union members whining about how they don't make enough money? Or maybe a normal school is one where students are bullied, beat up, or worse. Or maybe a normal school is one that has children parroting the political agenda of the left-wing loons that dictate the curriculum choices?

Is that “normal”?

Unschooling is not for everyone and just about every homeschool I've ever met knows that this method would not work for them because the first exercise in preparing to homeschool is to understand how your students learn. I know that 10% number is false. I don’t know where it came from but anyone in the homeschooling world can tell you it’s off. The radical unschooler is few and far between.

But I will let you into a little secret – all of us WISH we were unschoolers. We do. We love them and we will protect their rights right along with our own because it is up to the PARENT to deicide how to teach their children life lessons, not JuJu whatshername or the Department of Education.

This story isn’t about unschooling, homeschooling, or anything else. This piece is to show "mainstream" America that homeschoolers are not regulated enough. That homeschoolers, because they support unschooling, must have more government involved in their lives. It is just another pathetic attempt to marginalize people who refuse to let Big Daddy Government take care of them.

Go worry about your own kids, our kids are busy learning.

Monday, April 5, 2010

$50 in Free Simple Schooling Homeschool Curriculum

Hi Homeschoolers,
Today I just wanted to blog about the complete site redesign we've done over at the Simple Schooling Classroom.  Not only does it look fabulous, but there is an integrated forum and Facebook-type community where you can comment, post pictures, join and create groups, post polls, answer polls, review curriculum, and sell stuff!  We also have a testimonials page where you can read about how Simple Schooling has helped homeschoolers.  You can even leave one yourself.

Plus, all subscribers to the Simple Schooling Classroom have access to every single unit study from every page.  What could be easier? 

This brings me to our special $50 in FREE Simple Schooling Curriculum.  We want you to get involved in our community so you can have a more positive homeschool experience and it will help us build the site faster.  All you have to do to get your free curriculum is follow the 7 steps outlined here.  That's it!  All users who complete the 7 steps will be given a special membership to the Classroom where they can claim their free stuff.

And, if you decide to become a Simple Schooling Classroom subscriber you will gain access to even MORE FREE curriculum as we move into summer.  Look for a TON of history to be added and even more science!

There is no better value out there so we hope you'll come on over and give us a try!

See you soon,

J. Anne Huss