Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Now, I'm not trying to say that non-homeschool mothers love their kids any less - BUT let's face it; homeschool moms are amazing! We go so far beyond what most mothers do with our children because we choose to spend every single day with them. We take on the almost overwhelming responsibility of their complete education. We stay up late in the wee hours of the morning devising lesson plans and hunting down the perfect curriculum. We lovingly push and prod them in ways a "teacher by profession" could never imagine.

And - we do it all for free. Because we want to. Because we love them.

I've had quite a few, uh - let's say "defensive" - emails and comments over the years from non-homeschooling mothers who tell me that we homeschoolers try and make them feel inadequate. I want to laugh when I hear this - I really do, because seriously they have us all wrong if they think we spend our time devising ways to make them look bad - but I don't. I typically listen and say that they are missing the point.

But they aren't missing the point are they? They DO get it don't they? We ARE making a sacrifice that they won't or can't. Should we feel bad for that? Should they feel bad for that?

I always want to ask "them" why this topic hits a nerve so bad? Why do they care that in their minds we are a little self-righteous? Should we have to minimize our sacrifices so that "they" can feel good? Should we downplay our level of commitment to our children and pretend that we are all the same so we can all be "winners"?

I have to admit I do those things - I try to avoid the homeschool conversation with non-homeschoolers because the defenses go up almost immediately with the "Oh, I could NEVER homeschool my kids" comment. Perhaps they should mull over the words self-righteous a bit before uttering that phrase.

But at any rate - we homeschool mothers belong to a pretty cool club! It isn't exclusive or expensive to join and it isn't dependent on your heritage, nationality, skin color, culture, religion, music preference, or ability to draw.

You simple have to love them.

Happy Mother's Day Homeschool Moms! You really ARE the best of the best!


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