Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Easy Steps for FUN Summer Reading!

Want to cultivate the book lover in your child? Just follow these five easy steps and they'll be book worms in no time!

1. Let your child choose the book.
2. Download or rent the audiobook for the same title (IMPORTANT - DO NOT SKIP this step!)
3. Let them make themselves comfortable.
4. Start the audiobook and have them read along with their hard copy.
5. If the chosen book has a movie version too, rent that and have them watch it!

They'll never forget this summer reading program!

We've been doing this all year and I tell ya, it has completely changed my son's point of view on books. He's read classics and fluff with the exact same amount of excitement! Trust me - this WORKS! Last week I brought home the new Percy Jackson book and he told me he thinks he "is a book lover!"

Music to my ears....

Sometimes kids just need a little push to see that reading is fun so naturally if they can read-along and then watch a movie their interest increases. Of course, the book must be interesting to begin with. :)


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