Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creative Classrooms Contest at The Simple Homeschool

What does YOUR classroom look like? Are you and the little ones chillin' out on the beach or do you prefer a more traditional classroom setting? The Simple Homeschool wnats to know...not only that... we want to see pictures!

You can WIN FREE CURRICULUM just for entering your homeschool classroom space on our contest page. It doesn't get any easier than that! Simply upload your best picture, write a few sentences, and ta-da! You could win! In fact, there will be 1 winner for every 25 entries, not bad eh? I bet you've never seen those odds before in a contest!

So come on over and take a swipe at it - and while you're there why not take a look at Little Moe's classroom...it was a bit messy the day I took this becasue we still have the incubators going for hatching ducks and that takes up a bunch of table space, but at least the rabbits are now outside...Spring couldn't have come sooner in my opinion!


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