Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who has time to blog when you have to draw the hair follicle?

I'm so busy with this anatomy project but it is fun revisiting all my old college notes. I remember this class really stressed me out - the amount of information was overwhelming and all the tests were multiple choice. Laugh if you want - those questions were hard! Give me a short answer or essay question anyday.

Example of exam questions: (these were our "practice questions" for the test)

The QRS complex of the ECG appears as the:
a. atria depolarize
b. ventricles depolarize
c. ventricles re-polarize
d. atria repolarize
e. b and d

The mechanism by which glucose is absorbed in the small intestine involves:
a. breakdown of carbons and hydrogens, followed by diffiusion
b. diffusion with water through the tight junctions between epithelial cells
c. entry together with sodium through a single transporter molecule
d. diffusion across the plasma membrane of the epithelial cells
e. endocytosis into absorptive cells

Simple Schooling Highschool Anatomy (First Semester) will be available next week sometime and that is why I am sequestering myself in front of the computer and trying to stay away form Twitter!


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