Sunday, February 8, 2009

How Fun is your Homeschool?

Are ya feeling the mid-year slump yet? Are your kids asking when summer vacation starts? Why not inject some fun back into your year by doing something new? I have a whole page over at The Simple Homeschool dedicated to Keeping Learning Fun.

One of the best ideas I had this year was to introduce what I am calling "Upper-Grade Read-A-Loud" ...except I don't do the reading aloud and neither does Little Moe. We have started using audiobooks to supplement our reading program. I never in a million years imagined that such a simple thing could turn my kid on to reading like it was an X-Box.

We do it like this: (It's real simple)
  1. Open up audiobook (you can download them from all sorts of places but I get them from iTunes)
  2. Open up book
  3. Push play
  4. Read along

He LOVES this! In fact he came in to my office last week and asked if he could do reading. We've slammed through Tom Sawyer, The Call of the Wild, Where the Red Fern Grows, and right now we are doing Percy Jackson. He's already begged for Huck Finn, so ya know - I guess I'll have to let him read yet another classic before the year is up.

So if your kids are a clammerin' for something different go check it out.

J. Anne


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