Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sign Up For 6 FREE Unit Studies - E-Zine Goes Out Tomorrow!

If you don't sign up you'll miss it!

Go here to get all your FREEBIES!

And these aren't just any old freebies, not the worthless lesson plans and endless web-links that have no value - these are all at least 10 pages and have activities built in.

This issue of the Simple Zine focuses on keeping learning fun - remember my last post? Well, I thought people needed a little nudge to get the vibe of it I'm a nudgin', but don't worry - it won't cost you a cent.

Oh, and have I mentioned that The Old Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox is giving away another a FREE Simple Schooling Unit Study this week? Go Sign Up so you can get the Brand New Forensic Science FREEBIE too.

And, ya wanna know what else - because The Simple Homeschool has grown so much since last Simple Zine issue and I don't want anyone to miss out on the FREE unit studies, I'm gonna give you last month's FREEBIES as well!

That is 11 FREE Unit Studies if you sign up for two simple things!

Glad to be of service - Oh and don't forget that I have a FREE Valentine's Day Fun Book over at the website too - get it now so your kids can slack off on Friday!

Simple Zine FREEBIES

Happy Homeschoolin'
J. Anne


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