Monday, June 28, 2010

Is the Country Becoming LESS Tolerant of Homeschool?

It's a good question - one that matters since now is the time when my HSLDA membership expires. I will renew it - I ALWAYS do - and I am glad they are there because while I personally think homeschool is more accepted among my circles, I don't think large pockets of the country feel that way. Let me give you an example - recently I was browsing Craig's List looking for ducks and noticed the "forum". I have been on Craig's list for years and maybe visited that forum 2 or 3 times tops, but on this day I was curious so I went into the education section.

What did I find? Only dozens of posts bashing homeschoolers. Really nasty posts too, not anything with a valid point - but I was amazed. Maybe I don't mingle with the anti-homeschoolers enough or maybe I just assumed that people are like me and respect the rights of the parent to make choices in their child's life. But I was wrong. So I decided to post about my experience, telling people how rewarding it has been, what I've taught my kids over the years, etc. And the filth that replied almost knocked my socks off!

That doesn't bother me really. I have "friends" who put down homeschooling every chance they get, so a stranger is no big deal. But a week or so later I see an article about Sharron Angle, you know that Tea Party lady who is running for office in Nevada? She is telling her story of how a judge tried to prevent her from homeschooling even though it was legal. Not surprising, I read the Homeschool Court Report - it happens all the time. But the comments were just flat out calling her a liar. Simple as that - L-I-A-R. They felt it was fantastical that a JUDGE might legislate from the bench and try to deny someone’s individual rights and freedoms.Hello? What has this person been up to for the past 10 years? That's just about all judges have been doing. And today begins the confirmation hearings of Elena Kagen to the United States Supreme Court. A woman who has never been a judge before and who believes that free speech can be limited.

I think the rise of "mainstream" homeschool has had a good run but I think we are deluding ourselves if we think this will continue. I believe Sharron Angle's story because I know that people with "power" try to exert themselves on people who don't have any all the time. Remain alert people. Send in those membership dues to HSLDA. They work SO hard for us. All of us. We must all hang together or we will certainly all hang separately.


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